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Equinox (1970)

David Fielding (Edward Connell), an inmate in a mental institution, becomes agitated and sure that he will die, as it has been a year and a day since his friends disappeared with him while on a picnic to find their lost professor. It turns out Dr. Arthur Waterman (Fritz Lieber, Jr.) was fiddling around with some magical forces, and as David, his girlfriend Susan (Barbara Hewitt), friend Jim (Frank Bonner) and his girlfriend Vicki (Robin Christopher) arrive they find the professor's house smashed to bits.  They are directed by a tape recording to head out to a state park, where they run into a forest ranger (Jack Woods) with the unlikely name of Asmodeus.  Hearing a voice from a cave, and thinking it may be Waterman, they investigate, finding an old man guarding an ancient book, which he hands over to them, glad to be rid of it. It turns out that Waterman at some point was also in possession of the book and, using notes he made, the friends translate it.  Waterman's meddli

Slither (1973)

Dick Kanipsia (James Caan) is released from prison and stops off to visit his old friend Harry Moss (Richard B. Shull) before continuing on to find work other than stealing cars.  However, someone has it out for Moss, and he is shot shortly after Kanipsia's arrival.  His life slipping away, Moss tells Kanipsia to look for a man named Barry Fenaka (Peter Boyle), who knows where to find a fortune in stolen loot.  Kanipsia escapes Moss's cabin by way of an underground passage and heads off to find Fenaka. On his way he runs into Kitty Kopetzky (Sally Kellerman) and helps her fix her vehicle.  Finding riding with her easier than walking, he decides to travel with her a bit.  That is until, after stopping in a diner, she decides to rob the place.  Dick, on probation, gets as far away as he can from the scene. Locating Fenaka, he finds out that Moss's former partner has also gone straight and plays in a popular swing band.  Upon hearing about Moss's death, Fenaka and hi

The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

Trish (Michelle Michaels) decides to take advantage of her parents being away to hold a slumber party for other members of her high school's girls' basketball team.  However, new girl Valerie (Robin Stille), despite her skills on the court, decides that instead of a tense evening with the girls that she'll just spend the night looking after her younger sister, even though she lives just right across the street from where the party is happening. As always when a bunch of 18-year-old women get together to hang out in sheer nighties, their sex-crazed boyfriends also tend to show up for a little action.  However, they are not the only ones who decide to show up.  Russ Thorne (Michael Villella) decides that he is bored with his stint as a guest of the state mental institution and decides to add to his previous score of five kills by penetrating the young women with his extremely large drill, which he gets right down to without hesitation (although he doesn't mind slippin

The Iron Rose (1973)

A young woman (Fran├žoise Pascal) on a desolate beach finds an iron rose on a beach, which startles her into a flashback.  At a wedding reception, she meets a young man (Hugues Quester), and they decide to go on a ride together.  He convinces her to follow her into an old cemetery.  She is reluctant, but soon she finds herself following him down into a crypt for a bit of lovemaking. Emerging, they find that they lost track of time and it is now night.  Heading back in the direction in which they believed they entered the cemetery, they find themselves repeatedly returning to the same place.  The young woman begins to panic, thinking that they are trapped forever.  After several attempts to find their way out, the two come to a building filled with the skeletons of children. Accepting her fate, the young woman's panic ends, but the young man begins to grow more and more concerned.  Now not only is he trapped in a cemetery, but the woman has also appeared to have lost all vestig

Let's Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Jessica (Zohra Lampert) has just been released from a mental institution after a breakdown.  It turns out she happens to frequently see and hear ghosts and other spirits that seem to follow her around and bother her at inopportune times.  Thinking that what she needs a nice rest away from the big city, her husband Duncan (Barton Heyman) and friend Woody (Kevin O'Connor) decide to buy an old farmhouse on a New England island and make a go at farming. Things start to get strange at the start.  The locals are none too friendly, and all seem to be missing a few pieces.  It also turns out that the house has a squatter, Emily (Mariclare Costello), whom the threesome decide to allow to stay on. It turns on that the whole thing is the worst idea for someone like Jessica.  The former owner of the house, Abigail Stone, was drowned and her body never recovered.  When the group attempt to sell some of the items in the house to prop up their dwindling funds, they also learn the reason tha