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The Slams (1973)

Curtis Hook (Jim Brown) is part of a plot to rip off drug dealers and make off with the money. However, when his cohorts decide to also make money by selling the drugs, Curtis objects due to the fact that they would end up in black neighborhoods. After the other two guys involved in the heist fail to kill him, he manages to dump the drugs and stash the cash shortly before the police arrive. After recovering he stands trial and finds himself doing time for the robbery and the murders. Upon arriving in prison he finds out that his troubles have just begun. The man whose drugs and cash he stole just happens to be mob boss Capiello (Frank DeKova), who is doing time in the same prison and wants to know where the money is stashed and his dispatched his thug Glover (Ted Cassidy) to find out - a task that Curtis repeatedly thwarts. Also interested is the warden of the prison (Quinn Redeker), who is willing to help get Curtis's sentence reduced if he cooperates. Also in the mix is head

Ganja and Hess (1973)

Dr. Hess Green (Duane Jones) is a renowned archaeologist who has been investigating the ancient Myrthian culture of Africa. To help with his research he is paired with a new assistant, actor George (Bill Gunn). George, however, turns out to be a mite unstable. After a failed suicide attempt earlier in the night, George stabs Hess with a Myrthian dagger and then shoots himself. Only problem is, germs have clung to the dagger to the current day, and the microbes bring Hess back to life - with a craving for human blood. He attempts to maintain appearances while his butler Archie (Leonard Jackson) looks after his affairs. Things become even more complicated when George's wife Ganja (Marlene Clark) arrives looking for her husband. Hess decides to keep the suicide a secret as he and Ganja gradually fall for each other. Ganja, though, turns out to be a complicated woman. Having suffered through a rough childhood, she has a possessive streak, but a tendency to be restless. Hess, howev

Stunt Rock (1980)

Daredevil Grant Page is asked to come to Los Angeles to do stunt work in a crime drama featuring Dutch actress Monique van de Ven. While there, he gets in contact with a cousin who plays the Prince of Darkness (Curtis Hyde) as part of a theatrical heavy metal band called Sorcery. Along the way he meets a journalist assigned to cover him (Margaret Gerard). The journalist quickly develops a crush on Page, and is thrilled with her introduction to both the stuntman and rock and roll lifestyles. Meanwhile, van de Ven just wishes to be able to do her own stunts on the show, something here agent (Don Blackburn) constantly tries to thwart. In the end, she finally gets her wish, and Page performs one night with the band. In between we get to see a number of his stunts, including some from previous movies in which he worked with director Brian Trenchard-Smith. A lot of people like this movie, and I can understand the reason why. Rock and roll and stunts. What could be better? Well, a better

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

T. J. Hanniger (Paul Kelman) is son of the mayor of Valentine Bluffs, a coal mining town in Nova Scotia. His family also happens to be the ones who own the mine. Despite all this, T. J. left the town and his high school sweetheart Sarah (Lori Hallier) to make his fortune on his own. Failing to do so, he has returned, finding himself working in the mine alongside his former schoolmates and trying to patch things up with Sarah, although she has moved on to Axel (Neil Affleck). Complicating things is that a 20-year-old incident seems to be coming back to haunt the community once again. The men who were supposed to be supervising the mine left early to participate in the town's annual Valentine's Day party, leaving their posts unattended when an explosion trapped a number of miners. The only survivor, Harry Warden, was found eating the bodies of his comrades when he was rescued, and a year later escaped custody and murdered the supervisors, threatening more killings if the to