Child's Play 3 (1991)

After Child's Play 2 it was obvious that Universal had another franchise on its hands.  There had already been some drift in that movie from the psychotic killer Chucky was in the first to the wisecracking murderous doll he would become, but the second movie did a good job of continuing Andy's story from the original. 

So good that, after its success, Universal wanted another Chucky movie out as soon as possible.  Don Mancini, who had written both of the first movies, was not expecting that and had not really given much thought on how the story would continue.  He did want to have multiple versions of Chucky, but the budget just wasn't there, so instead we have him catch up with Andy eight years later. 

Thinking that the public has forgotten about the killer doll the Good Guys factory is reopened and production resumes.  Problem is when cleaning up the place some of Chucky's (Brad Dourif) blood gets into the mix, leading to his rebirth.  His first order of business, after getting back to killing, is to find Andy (Justin Whalin), who is now 16 and remanded by the state to a military school. 

Chucky has himself mailed there but, rather than reaching Andy, he is intercepted by a young boy named Tyler (Jeremy Sylvers).  Realizing that it's a brand-new body and he hasn't told his secret to anyone yet, he decides to abandon plans to possess Andy and focuses on Tyler.  He's still not done with his former playmate, as he tries to dispatch him and, failing that, goes on a murderous rampage at the school while Andy attempts to save Tyler.

The military school is coed, so Andy gets a love interest in De Silva (Perrey Reeves), but it's undercooked and doesn't lead to anything other than a little necking.  His best friend is Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson), who is the victim of bullying from the vicious Shelton (Travis Fine), who seems to model himself after the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket.  In fact, entire lines are taken from that movie, whether in homage or just because Mancini was out of material. 

Dourif seems game, the doll is further improved and some computer assistance is used to synchronize the voice.  Otherwise, it's the last Child's Play movie to rely on practical effects, since when he did return in Bride of Chucky CGI had advanced enough that the animatronics were no longer needed.  Despite being a neat little puppet the movie is a fairly bloodless affair. 

I find it to be merely an average horror film, despite the fact it doesn't devolve into being a slasher.  Chucky is more humorous and, unlike the first two films, this seems to have been written for teenagers rather than adults.  Child's Play 3 is one of two feature films director Jack Bender made, spending most of his career doing television, and it looks it.  There is also little characterization beyond stereotypes, and not a lot of excitement.  The final chase through the funhouse is good, but so much more is set up to happen that doesn't because of budget or studio interference.

This pretty much ends Andy's role for a while until Mancini brought him back in later movies - going with original actor Alex Vincent when he did - and it's not really necessary for the enjoyment of either the first two or any of the movies that came after it.  It just exists to make money and, since it didn't, the killer doll vanished for the next eight years himself. 

Child's Play 3 (1991)
Time: 90 minutes
Starring: Justin Whalin, Brad Dourif, Dean Jacobson, Travis Fine, Perrey Reeves
Director: Jack Bender



  1. Child's Play is one of the rare 80s horror movie franchises I have never watched. Was the success of the first movie the impetus for the awful "Puppet Master" movies?

    1. No, those were a thing all on their own. Chucky becomes funnier, but never becomes a good guy. The puppets start becoming good by "The Revenge of Toulon". I like the first three "Puppet Master" films and the fourth is okay.

    2. It was a little confusing in the second or third one where Toulon's zombie is a bad guy trying to revive his bride and in the other ones he's a good guy. Though not as confusing as the fact "Retro Puppet Master" has old Toulon near the Swiss border in 1944 when the first movie has him dying in 1939 in California.


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