Hatchet III (2013)

I did not care for Hatchet as it seemed to be too much like other horror films of the 2000s.  The characters were not likeable, the music was horrible and the only good thing was the practical gore effects.  Otherwise, despite writer and director Adam Green being a big fan and casting a number of horror movie veterans - including Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley - there wasn't much there to get excited about.  I knew that at some point I would watch the rest, but I wasn't too thrilled about that, especially after Victor Crowley turned out to be too much like Hatchet.

When I watched Hatchet II, however, it felt like what Green was trying to do clicked.  Derivative as it was the movie worked.  So, despite how I came into the series, I have been hoping to close the door on it and see how it originally concluded before the unfortunate coda.

Marybeth (Danielle Harris) is once again the only survivor of Victor Crowley after Reverend Zombie (Tony Todd) attempted to bring those responsible - and the descendants of such - to Victor Crowley's cabin so he could kill them all and have his final revenge, thus ending the curse.  It didn't work, and Marybeth shoots him in the face.  He still gets up, and ultimately she pushes him down on a large chainsaw that seems to do the trick.  She makes her way back to New Orleans and walks into the sheriff's office carrying a gun and his scalp. 

Naturally the police lock her away and do not believe her story but, concerned about the missing people, go out to investigate and find the bodies.  While doing so a blogger named Amanda (Caroline Williams), the ex-wife of Sheriff Fowler (Zach Galligan), arrives to speak with Marybeth.  Amanda has been chasing the Victor Crowley story for years and, with proof he is real, has an idea of how to stop him, as he is cursed to rise again no matter how much damage is done.  This he does, attacking both the state police and the Jefferson Parrish Sheriff's department as well as several EMTs.  In the end Marybeth once again must face Victor Crowley alone. 

Like the other films this is filled with names and faces one will recognize from other horror movies.  Parry Shen returns again, this time playing an EMT unrelated to the two brothers he played in the previous movies.  Derek Mears, who played Jason in the Friday the 13th remake, is the leader of the Louisiana State Police S.W.A.T. team that is dispatched the swamp.  Caroline Williams has been in several movies, while Rileah Vanderbilt, who plays one of the state police officers, portrayed the child version of Crowley in the two previous films. 

This takes up a minute after the second one ended and, though directed by BJ McDonnell instead of Green, still thrills like its predecessor.  The makeup on Kane Hodder looks great, the kills don't feel as mechanical, and the humor works, particularly in an hilarious cameo by Sid Haig.  It may not bring anything new to the slasher genre or horror in general but Green hit his stride with Hatchet II and McDonnell followed through.  It's just unfortunate the other two movies are nowhere near as entertaining. 

Hatchet III (2013)
Time: 81 minutes
Starring: Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, Parry Shen, Rileah Vanderbilt
Director: BJ McDonnell



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